The Water Bottle Ban

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The Water Bottle Ban

Drew Alexopoulos, Writer, Layout Editor

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Many people have heard or even seen the effects of plastic water bottles. However, the amount of bad effects on our environment has been increasing so much that certain places are actually banning water bottles. A water bottle ban could help in many ways for several reasons..

One reason is that plastic water bottles have a significant economic impact. The bottles, when thrown away, are sent to landfills, but when the landfills have no more space, the government has to pay for more space. Also, the disposal of these bottles costs a lot! According to Food & Water Watch, US cities can spend over $100 million a year to dispose of such waste. The bottles can also impact the money the citizens have because buying one or two reusable bottles can be less than half of the money spent on plastic bottles.

Also, plastic water bottles have an impact on health. There is a chemical in the plastic that can get into the water. These chemicals can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, higher blood cholesterol, and low blood sugar.

About 70% of plastic water bottles bought in the United States are not recycled, which means the majority end up in landfills or in the oceans, harming the ecosystem and poisoning animals. This needs to stop. There needs to be change so all these animals don’t die. This also adds to the issue of global warming, which is killing and destroying a lot of earth.

Some might say plastic water bottles are fine because there are not a lot of water fountains, so they are convenient. But according to, “New York City, which has not yet banned single-use water bottles has 51 water fountains, with another 500 planned by 2025.” There are planned to be a lot of new water fountains in a lot of other places, so it will not be a problem.

In conclusion, banning water bottles will be positive because it can really save our world in so many ways such as protecting our health and environment. There are ways to help the cause. Speak out! To those who don’t believe the ban is necessary, how do you feel about it now?


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