Mars: Inhabitable by Humans?

Kate Ilias, Writer

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People from everywhere want to be the first on Mars. NASA wants to make the switch from sending robots to Mars to sending people to Mars. And people are willing to make all sorts of sacrifices to be able to be there.

First, what are NASA’s plans? In the 2030s, NASA has a goal of sending humans to Mars. All of what NASA is planning to do comes back to one question, “Does life exist beyond Earth?”. Around the country, engineers and scientists are working hard to find a way to create the technologies needed to sustain life on Mars. There will need to be a way to grow and harvest food for life to thrive on Mars. Right now, people are training to become the first on Mars. The trip in 2033 to Mars will have the astronauts stay on Mars for four years. Many people have already signed up.

Alyssa Carson is NASA’s youngest astronaut in training at seventeen years old. She has already chosen that she wants to be on the very first trip to Mars in the year 2033. At that time she will be 32 years old. Her team will be in charge of developing their own habitat, growing their own food, conducting experiments, and yes, looking for signs of Martian life for over two-three years. Carson is undergoing preliminary astronaut training, so that when she becomes an official astronaut at age eighteen, she will be well prepared. Carson is putting her dreams before everything, and is making them come true.

NASA’s plans for Mars are going to change our knowledge of other planets and science overall. Would you take four years of your life to live on a different planet?