The Amazing Maze Runner Series Review: Part 1


Emily Bongo, Writer

Do you love to curl up with a good book? The Maze Runner is part of a trilogy written by James Dashner. The books in the series are The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, and The Death Cure.

The Maze Runner is about Thomas and a group of other boys who find themselves trapped in a maze called the Glade. The only thing the boys can remember are their names. After Thomas arrives in the maze, the very first girl ever arrives, bearing some awful news. Everyone blames Thomas, and because of the news, Thomas tries to find normalcy in the Glade. Thomas didn’t adjust well as he tried different jobs in the Glade, except for being a runner. Runners mapped and explored the maze every day, and Thomas wanted to be a part of it, because he was trapped in there. Hints of who or what put them in there was written all over the walls, and no one knew what it meant. Thomas was longing to leave the maze and find his real family if he remembers them. But the journey may be harder than he had thought. The maze constantly changed and, at night hostile creatures roamed the closed maze, and no one’s ever survived an entire night out in the maze. Soon Thomas is faced with a challenge when he breaks one of the Glade’s rules, but at the same time is being rewarded for a life-saving event. The reward might be part of the puzzle to getting an exit out of the maze, but will everyone make it out alive?

The Maze Runner by James Dashner is a science fiction novel that was released in 2014, and is 375 pages of mixed emotion that will break your heart as you grow to love these imaginative and unique characters. The suspense of the book will persuade you to read the whole book in one night. Unfortunately, the book has many ups and downs leading to predictable events. Meanwhile, it is also so creative that its difficult to discern the true inspiration behind this trilogy. Out of the three books, the first book reels the readers in significantly with its introduction of the characters and the relationships between them all. Learning the nature and personality of the characters helps the reader feel the brotherly bond between the characters allowing the reader to establish their own bond to them. James Dashner has a way of portraying sections of The Maze Runner using detailed components of death and betrayal that will leave the reader sobbing, angered, or just demanding more. Another enticing part of the The Maze Runner is the action and science behind the maze. The mystery of it all really pushes you into the story, like the reader is an actual part of the maze. The conclusion of the first book is such a surprise, you would never have guessed the outcome.

So this winter break, go to the library and grab this book for a great read during your time off! Stay tuned for my review on the next book in the series, The Scorch Trials!