Bored Over Winter Break?

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Bored Over Winter Break?

Naomi Williams, Writer, Editor

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The snow is falling, you are sitting in your house rolling your eyes because with only few days left to winter break, and you are just so bored. We’ve all been there. We sit at home during winter break with nothing to do. The day before break you told yourself that this year will be different and this year you’d do fun activities, and you haven’t. But you can be helped – there are ways out of boredom! So, here are five ways not to be bored over winter break!


  • Crafting

Crafting is a great, and productive, activity to do over winter break. After all “‘Tis the Season to be Gifting”, and sometimes a handmade gift is just the way to go. But even if you don’t want to give out gifts, crafting can still be really fun. There are a lot of fun crafts to do just with the stuff around your house. Plus there are lots of tutorials and guides online, even some on the Falcon Press website like the article by Olivia Gustavsen.


  • Cooking

Cooking is a fun way to pass the time and gives a delicious result. You can whip up a batch of cookies and who knows, it could become your favorite snack! Whether you’re a Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen or a total mess, the internet is full of awesome recipes, like Jordan Ford’s article on making holiday treats .


  • Reflection

There is no better way to have a great year in 2019 than to think about 2018. You have so much time over Winter Break, that this is an easy way to take up time and be productive. Maybe you didn’t have the best year in 2018, well reflecting on it is a great way to change that and have a better year in 2019. There are some simple ways to do this. First, you could go back through old photos. Photos are a great way to see your year as a whole. Another way is to make a list or vision board for 2019. You could take quotes, pictures and anything else and put them together to represent the upcoming year. Or find your own way, whatever works for you!


  • Planning

Planning is a great way to spend time over winter break. You can use your interests and Google to plan out fun events over the year. There are some great free events and around the holiday season there are typically lots of sales so you could even get discounted tickets to concerts or amusement parks. Or, maybe you haven’t seen your cousins in a while,  so you could call them up and ask to hang out sometime in the future. Either way planning is a great use of your time off so mark up those calendars!


  • Bucket list

We all have one. A list of things we want or need to do. School takes up so much time that we don’t have enough to spare for the list. Well with so many days off you can start checking off those list items. Go ice skating or clean your room. This is a great way to spend your time because then when you get back to school you don’t have to lie and make something up.

In conclusion, there is so much you can do over break that there is no reason to be bored. Bake some brownies, buy some concert tickets or clean your room. Enjoy your Winter Break and make sure it’s filled with fun!