Chromebooks: Using Your Device Properly

Yazmin Sanabria, Writer

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Do you love having a Chromebook? Learning to use the Chromebook properly is one of the most important responsibilities of all FMS students. At the beginning of the school year, all students signed a Chromebook contract saying that they would use their Chromebooks responsibly, but how many of us actually follow all of the rules?

It is so important to use your Chromebook properly at home. Just because you’re not in school, it does not mean your activity isn’t being monitored. When using Chromebooks at home, students could be very tempted to go on social media or watch YouTube videos, even though the device is for educational use only. Of course, watching educational videos at home is totally fine. For example, students might find it useful to practice the alphabet for a language class. However, be sure to remember that it is a good idea to keep your personal activities off of your Chromebook (this includes using your school email is one of your responsibly!). Be sure to use only non-academic websites/social media on your chromebook at home.

Ultimately, it is so important to always separate your personal life from your school life. School and home are separate, and your personal activity shouldn’t be present on your device use. Please be sure to use your Chromebook properly!