Fortnite: The Game EVERYONE is Playing


Drew Alexopoulos and Christian Giardiana

     Some people might have noticed that all kids want to do is play a certain video game. This video game might be free, but is making lots of money from its virtual currency, V-bucks, which is bought with real life money. This game is called Fortnite: Battle Royale.  Fortnite is a social online video game, played with friends, that uses different skins and cosmedics, which also can be purchased. Some people get so into the game that they end up spending hundreds of dollars on it.

     Some people like it because of the rendering of the graphics (images). Some games have really bad graphics such as Minecraft, which has been very popular. But Fortnite graphics are detailed, which increases interest in the game.

     Also, people can also play on many different devices, including Playstation, Xbox, mobile devices, Nintendo Switch, and PC/Mac.  Because you can play on so many devices, it becomes more accessible to more people.

     Another reason is that people can also play online with friends or random people.  Some people always look forward to playing with friends after what they have during the day.  For some people, when they get home they go straight to their video games and start playing.

     The last reason Fortnite is so popular is that there is different emotes / dances, and skins (the costumes characters wear).  You do need V-bucks to buy these items, but they are worth the money. There is also something called the Battle Pass, which can be purchased to earn skins and emotes.  

     People like Fortnite for many different reasons.  There are good graphics, many different ways to play,  online playing, and items to buy. Will you give the newest gaming craze a chance?