The Amazing “Because of Mr. Terupt”: A Book Review

The Amazing Because of Mr. Terupt: A Book Review

Elizabeth Powers, Writer


Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea is a novel that takes place over the course of a school year at Snow Hill School in Connecticut. The story is told from the point of view of seven very different fifth-grade students. First, there is Peter, a jokester who doesn’t take school seriously. Then, there’s Alexia, the most popular girl in the grade, who can be mean to the other kids. Danielle is a former friend of Alexia, but now is being bullied by her. Then there is Jeffrey, who likes school, but eventually gets bored of it. Anna is the shy girl in the grade who eventually is able to make friends. Jessica, the new girl, is a bookworm. Finally, there is Luke, the smartest kid in the grade. With all of their differences, everyone thinks it will be one very long and difficult year.

These students’ feelings about the school year and each other all change once they meet their new teacher, Mr. Terupt. He is unlike any other teacher they had ever met; he has a way of making the classroom an exciting place to be. As the school year progresses, the kids enjoy their class and form new bonds with one another. To everyone’s surprise, it looks like it will be an amazing school year for them. Then one day, a terrible tragedy occurs, deeply affecting all the characters in the story.

This is a really wonderful novel because of the many differents turns that it takes.  There are parts that are really funny, parts that are really sad, and some that are really suspenseful. I particularly liked how the characters make friends, learn lessons, and come to realizations about themselves and others throughout the story. It’s also interesting to see the story from the different points of view of all the characters. This book is good for kids who like fiction and stories about school, and can make kids appreciate school more. Because of Mr. Terupt is an emotional and heartwarming book that no one should miss!